Meso Creso presents a festival celebrating global music, arts, and community. ​

An immersive multi-sensory experience awaits us. For those who have spent early mornings or late nights under Meso Creso’s bayt before, you’re in for an oddly familiar and yet brand new journey.

Who can forget the first Nomadico in October 2016? Hurricane force winds with lashing rain, and yet… we danced, we connected, we built an oasis in the storm.

Now, Nomadico is back in full force in a new idyllic venue. Expect more—more music, more art, more people, more adventures.

Are you ready?

Be prepared for the global beats you’ve come to love and expect from Meso Creso; camping under the trees and stars; a sacred space for learning, healing and centering; hookahs day and night; homemade treats and infused liquors; immersive art experiences; intentional dialogues and workshops; fire-spinning and performances; boundless creativity; Mesopotamian Vibes; and of course dancing under the bayt until the sun comes up.

Meso Creso is proud of the many traditions, cultures, languages, and identities represented in the makeup of our collective and the spaces we build. We continuously seek to be as inclusive as we can yet are also fully conscious that we are always growing and expanding. The diversity and richness of our experiences and the unique histories of our cultures are what connect us and also what allows us to grow together and dance with one another. We bring all of this to each space we create and hope that you find something in that mix to connect to as well.

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