By Anand Mylapore, aka anandroid

Meso Creso resident DJ and Nomadico Music & Sound Co-lead, anandroid, reflects on his personal music journey and on music’s magical power to transport and connect us.

I was raised in a musically-gifted family in Chennai, India – the hub of Carnatic (South Indian classical) music. While I never really learned to play a musical instrument – a decision I have since come to regret – I started dabbling in DJing as a creative outlet about four years go.

That is also around the time I found my Meso Creso family, thanks to a  last minute invitation to camp at the grotto at PEX Summer Festival. I was thrilled when I was invited to become a Meso Creso resident DJ in 2015 and I continue to learn from the tastes of my fellow residents and music-heads in the community.

I would describe the Meso Creso musical identity as sounds that transcend the confines of our human-made borders or the boundaries of time. Music that would feel at home in the parlors of our grandparents or in the basements of our grandchildren. Ballads that make you long for your next travels. Rhythms that get your hips shaking and melodies that make you hopeful for what comes next. The vibrations of the rich traditions that bind us to all corners of the world. The anthems that unite fishermen, inventors, scoundrels, and sages. Whether it is the tone of banjos at sunset, a zouk-bhangra mashup at midnight, late-night cumbia or ghazals at dawn, what unites us is a feeling of belonging, of warmth, of acceptance and of familiarity.

I would describe my musical style as ethnofuturism; a style heavily influenced by my experience as an immigrant, as an optimist and as a scientist. I enjoy creating an introspective, but hopeful vibe using the interplay of repetitive sounds common to traditional music from around the world as well as four-on-the-floor dance music. I am thankful for the love, support and encouragement of the Meso Creso community, and the many opportunities I have been given to perform in public and to grow as a DJ, both in style and scope.

I have also been privileged with many chances to curate Meso Creso events, including Nomadico 2016 and 2018 as the music and sound co-lead with fellow Meso Creso resident, Mettabbana (Besnik Hyseni). Along with the rest of Meso Creso’s Music Curation Committee (MC2) – Myra Sinnott (BEATrix), v:shal kanwar, Raha Wala, and Diana Rhodes – we are fortunate to have the trust, respect, and intention to create together, in spite of our diverse music tastes and backgrounds.

One valuable lesson I have learned from curating the dance floor experience at Meso Creso is that it isn’t only about booking the right DJs, playing a killer set, or getting the sound just right so that you barely notice it. The secret sauce is the interplay between our doers, thinkers, movers, and makers to create multi-sensory experiences that can transport you in an instant from a sweaty dance floor in the woods to a vibrant, distant land, or transport you in time to a rowdy tavern on an ancient trade route. None of this would be possible without the porous boundaries between the DJs, artists, dance-machines, seekers, and providers that are a feature of Meso Creso spaces and the encouragement it provides for us to unleash our creativity.

Will you join us at Nomadico 2018?

Anand Mylapore (anandroid) is a Washington, DC-based purveyor of cold electronica infused with the warmth of the human spirit, whose music weaves together the futuristic and the folkloric from around the world. He is a resident DJ/curator with  Meso Creso and is a resident DJ/co-founder of the Crepúsculo Sereno project.

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