by Colin and Caroline

Colin and Caroline

Colin and Caroline surrounded by their Meso family

In 2013, after moving from New York to DC, we were lucky enough to find our way to the Meso Creso community. Over the course of three years, we participated in the creation and evolution of Meso’s roving hookah lounges, art pieces, and global hospitality, which brought us closer to one another, to our home of Washington, DC, and to inspiring and creative souls from all over the world. Recently, we uprooted once again to Salt Lake City and are grateful to be returning home to the arms of Meso Creso at Nomadico 2018.

Nomadico, for us, is a family reunion where we can be our truest selves – loved, celebrated, and seen for who we are and what we love. The friends, family, and special people that put their efforts into organizing such a spectacular participatory event of art, music, food, and dancing, and engender such a beautiful sense of fun and enjoyment for so many in each moment of every experience, are a force which nourishes our sense of connection to the world.

Our wagon, like many who came before us and many who will come after, has wandered away from the central caravan of Meso Creso into the desert. But not a day passes when we don’t yearn for the smiles, the shimmies, the hugs, and the sense of aspiration of its members.

Journeying to Nomadico means fulfilling that thirst at a lush oasis.

Moseying our souls back to camp means being welcomed home into the spirit of what we love.

Meso Creso provided a space where our love could bloom. Coming back to Nomadico this June we’re excited to share the fruits of our connection to one another with so many of those who helped us learn and grow. We will get silly. We will get sentimental. We will drink champagne. We know it will be well worth the expedition.

Whether you live near or far, Nomadico is an experience that beckons all of us to celebrate the beauty of creativity and culture, to relate to one another authentically, and to explore the outer limits of ourselves.

Colin and Caroline live in a little bungalow with their dog in Salt Lake City. They enjoy long days of hiking, riding bikes to the beach, and eating too many sweets with friends.

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