by Jess Reid (Nomadico Producer)

Nomadico is a volunteer-run passion project organized by the nonprofit arts collective Meso Creso. We invite you to learn more about our budget and financial philosophy.

A few of the Nomadico Team members during a site visit

By now you’ve heard about some of Nomadico’s core values, where we come from, and our musical journey. Hopefully, you’ve gotten excited about some of the artists coming to the festival, listened to the Meso Creso music makers, thought about how you can participate, and perhaps even begun reminiscing about your own wonderful memories spent dancing under the bayt! Now, we want to go deeper and share with you the heart of what Nomadico is and how we operate.  As many of you already know, Nomadico is a passion project of Meso Creso–  a nonprofit, Washington DC-based, cross-cultural arts collective.  As with all Meso Creso projects, Nomadico is run by an all-volunteer team of scrappy artists and organizers who are working countless hours to turn our collective dreams into reality.

We’re so excited for all Nomadico 2018 will bring! To grow the event, we’ve more than doubled the budget, with a significant portion of the cost increases associated with our brand new and larger venue- The Cove Campground. We’ve also made modest overall increases to our core expenses, particularly to help bring more (global) artists and experiences from the community.  

Nomadico’s team is lead by four producers, ten department heads, a number of leads, and loads and loads of volunteers. In our operational structure producers work closely with the Meso Creso board, none of the producers, department heads or leads are paid, and the vast majority of the 39 person staff are also volunteers. We do have a very limited number of paid staff contract positions that–depending on our capacity to secure volunteer contributions and our need for professional or licensed services–may be paid an hourly rate during the event (i.e sound engineering and security), but you get the idea.

At the end of the day, Nomadico remains a DIY, volunteer-run event that is made possible by the generous contributions of time and talent from our growing community.

In the spirit of responsible growth, our current budget projects a break-even event, but we have plans in place should we exceed our revenue goal, or fall short. Thanks to many of you who joined us as Nomadico backers in 2016, we started 2018 with a small nest egg to support ongoing operating expenses and provide a financial buffer should we fail to meet this year’s budget via ticket sales alone.  A summary of Nomadico 2016’s finances can be found here.

Should Nomadico exceed our revenue goals in 2018, we plan to reinvest profits into future events to continue to grow the festival. In the event of significant profits, funds may be reinvested in broader Meso Creso activities and events in coordination with the Meso Creso board. Regardless of potential event profits, no Nomadico staff or members of the larger Meso Creso community will personally benefit financially from Nomadico.  As Nomadico is a project of Meso Creso–a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization–no one individual profits from Nomadico or any other Meso Creso project. YOU are as much an owner and investor in Nomadico as anyone.

This project is truly a labor of love for all those involved. We know Nomadico is more than line items and budget reconciliation, it’s artists, dreamers, makers and doers. We couldn’t do this without our team, our creative contributors, and you, the residents of Nomadico. 

We’re committed to honoring your contributions and creating an event that embodies our core values — cross-cultural grounding, community & participation, safe spaces, immersive experience, global music, and sustainability — while building a financial viable and sustainable model that is open and accessible to as many as possible.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. If you have any questions about Nomadico’s budget or finances, you can always reach the team at or by sending us a note via Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

Remember…some call it a celebration of the spirit of self-expression, community, and collaboration. Some call it Meso Creso. Join us at Nomadico 2018.

Jessica Reid (J.Reid) can be found on the dance floor or behind a spreadsheet.  She joined the Meso Creso caravan in 2010 after dancing all night under the Bayt, acted as Meso Creso treasurer for five years, served as a Meso Creso Board member for three years, and led the 2016 crowdfunding campaign for Nomadico’s maiden voyage. These days, Jessica can be found co-creating with fellow Nomadico producers MA, Myra and Raha.


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