Explore Nomadico’s immersive art, performances, workshops, and theme camps.


Immersive Art Experiences

Immersive Art Experiences

DodecaLume Quest
By Transformative Art Collective TAC

An afternoon of heavenly delights has been located at Nomadico this year, but in order to be granted passage, The Riddlers need you to complete their virtue quest. This scavenger hunt consists of 12 Lanterns hidden throughout Nomadico that invite Questers to engage the Principles and earn tokens. Collect all the tokens to find your way to the portal in time to be transported to the land of spoils.


The Herb Labyrinth
By Liz Wagner

This powerful space is meant for deep feeling, healing, and calming in the festive festival atmosphere. Our purpose with the Herb Labyrinth is to share the path experience and allow participants to surround themselves in the green environment where Liz, an organic farmer, spends most of her time. At the end of the event, those who feel drawn to any of the over 500 herbs will be allowed to take them home, to keep a piece of the festival and the Labyrinth with them as they return to the journey of their own lives. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness, combining the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It is outlined with a raised rope of light, illuminating the path on a 24-hour basis and guiding all onto the purposeful path of the Labyrinth.


The Oracle
By Ellen Bischoff and Bianca Fiscella

Somewhere deep in the woods and off the beaten path lies an Oracle that is all-knowing and all-seeing. Find her and all of your questions could be answered. But it’s not that easy, child, oh no… it never is. Could you confront your greatest fear? Would you reveal your darkest secret? Should you traverse mountains made of memories and sail deep seas of sweat and tears? First you must walk the path of the Hero’s Journey and complete a series of tasks and puzzles, all while deeply exploring the most dangerous and exotic realms of both your inner and outer space to arrive at her feet. Are you willing to leave the Ordinary World and follow the path to enlightenment? Only the strong will survive, and only the most brave Nomads will complete the journey. Are you one? Come find her…


PiePedals Pizza Party
By PiePedals

Pizza-making is an art form in itself. Couple that with the high-energy antics of PiePedals members during pizza preparation, and the interactive (and highly intimate) act of offering delicious comfort food to the crowds of festival-goers that gather around, and you’ve found yourself in a hot cheesy delicious mess with all your new best friends. At Burning Man, we’re referred to as Pedal Pies, because we also pedal our bicycle-towed pizza ovens around the city, and pop-up cook in random locations. At smaller festivals, our ovens are stationary, and positioned adjacent to a firepit seating area (i.e. the diner), and a small speaker for high-energy music during the event itself. As potential unsuspecting diners approach, and encounter the team tossing fresh pizza dough and topping it with the finest vegetarian toppings (courtesy of our vegan chef Cristina), the gasps of surprise are audible, and reinforce the reasons why we do this: surprise. pizza. love.


Surfing the Cosmic Ocean
By Evan Howell

Designed primarily as a meditative art experience, the cosmic ocean of sound will envelop the ears, head, and heart. The gentle crash of ocean waves float through the forest to draw near the curious. Eager to discover the source of the sound, Nomads will happen upon a strange little hut with a slowly gyrating human at its core and explore the sensation of a subtle rhythmic motion, linked to powerful waves of immersive sound.


By Tanya Finkelstein and Lauren Stansbury

Remember from summer camp, staying up all night with a new friend, exchanging the details of your short lives? Rarely does our adult life present us with the circumstances to get to know a new friend quickly. Tête-à-Tête is a face-to-face meeting, a private conversation between two people in an intimate setting. Tête-à-Tête at Nomadico resembles a tastefully decorated living room and invites you and your companion to immerse yourselves in an intimate world of a heart-to-heart conversation. We believe that vulnerability fosters closeness. At Tête-à-Tête, you and your companion will be invited to answer a series of increasingly personal questions and have a chance to spend a few minutes (or hours) with just each other, while listening to soft music and having a drink and a light snack.


Roving Interactive Art

Roving Interactive Art


Bureau of Problematic Affairs (BPA)
By Sasha Baskina

An Interactive Performance Installation consisting of three characters: a 50’s Housewife, a Secretary, and a Middle Man – along with an ironing board station. Participants will have a cathartic experience of having their problems physically ironed out and airing them out on a clothing line. Have a problem? The BPA is here to help.


Discover Your Own Adventure
By Stacey Shapiro

Welcome to the intersection of role-playing games, improvisation, and the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books. Meet our storyteller as a solo adventurer or duo. Depending on your in-game choices, you will encounter live action obstacles such as a jousting battle with foam swords, puzzles, riddles, or push-your-luck gambling. Dramatic and urgent, this is your own story – come to life!


Preston Change-o’s Male Virility Snake Oils: Product Launch
By Heather Morowitz

Preston Change-O’s Male Virility Snake Oils is an immersive performance utilizing the power of comedy to eliminate dicks from the world, one boner at a time. Preston Change-O (psychedelic, fun-loving, hokey alpha drag king) and Percival Cummings (assistant, sidekick, and fanboy) have developed a new gentleman juice they will be distributing at Nomadico 2018. Sign up to be a Product Tester and have the opportunity to share your success stories at our Live Infomercial and Pop-Up Poetry Parlor!


Sweethorn Hot Chocolate
By Allison Guy and Valentina Stackl

Late-night Nomadico is sensual, mysterious… and sometimes a little chilly. Sweethorn Hot Chocolate is an ultra-kawaii, pastel-painted cart that serves up delightful narwhal-ni-corn goodness to warm the cockles of over- and under-stimulated revelers. Pass your cup to the friendly, cuddly attendants — both clad in mega-cuddly, color-coordinated costumes — and let them fill you up with frothy hot cocoa. Then take your pick from a glittering assortment of peppermint schnapps, whipped cream, and sprinkles to make a drink so shiny Lisa Frank should slap it on a trapper keeper.


Sacred Presence
By Lakshmi Kanter in collaboration with Jeramie Bellmay

Happen upon an encounter with the awakening energy of the universe: the divine feminine. You may know some of her wildly diverse archetypal manifestations: Mother Nature, Isis, Pele, Artemis, Shakti, Ixchel, Freya, Oshun, Quan Yin – just to name a few. Around the world, she is called upon to access the energies within nature’s creativity, sustenance, and dissolution. When you chance upon Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance, at Nomadico, you may choose to step into the realm of her roving lotus. You might taste the sweetness of her offerings as a way to transition from the mundane to the sanctified. Your intuition may guide you toward an invocation or a cleansing. You might call upon any of her sacred archetypes that also live within you. You may want to be held in the field of sacred presence. You might be magnetized toward the energy of the heart. You could be called into spontaneous movement. You may crave to perceive truth in a radically new way. However you choose to engage with Her, you’ll have the opportunity to experience new ways of being and new ways of becoming.


Star Dome Parachute
By Caroline Doud and Jamie Thompson

The night sky will be the inspiration for a pop-up participatory art project, incorporating a parachute and interactive games.


Tea Baby
By Minna Nilanont

Roving throughout Nomadico, a 1950’s baby stroller holding an effigy made of hay (the tea baby) will be rolling around the festival grounds, offering mellowing, uplifting, and energizing tea to any Nomads it finds.

Art Installations

Art Installations


Altar of Endings and Beginnings
By Lakshmi Kanter

This sacred and ritual space allows you to cross the threshold from external to internal, from seen to unseen, from another time into the present. Contribute to the altar from your heart. Offer your heaviness and darkness, offer your light and exuberance. Offer your gifts – and your challenges. Let go of what you’re ready to release in order to make space for what you’re ready to receive. Invite and call in new intentions. Be inspired by the glow of a field of beeswax candles and cleansed by the negative ions they emit. Convene impromptu gatherings or workshops. Be silent and honor the altar’s once-living foundation and the constancy of change. These are all ancient elements of our ancestor’s rituals, which have taken place worldwide and since time immemorial. When we pause to honor transformation, we cease struggling against its power and inevitability. And only then can we tap into the immense current of energy that fuels all change – and begin to flow with it as it beckons us toward ever new possibilities.


Chill-Out Garden
By Paris Bustillos

Come find the two pop-up domes among a grove of overgrown mushrooms. Visitors will be offered tea, animal card readings, and a place to recline and take a moment to collect themselves or find refuge.


Temple Of Change
By Ryan Ong

A pyramid for asking some of life’s most important questions.


Camp Contact

Camp Contact

Camp Contact (DC) is a tribe of movers and shakers, playing in modalities such as Contact Improvisation Dance, Acrobatic Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, and Authentic Relating. We celebrate by creating encouraging spaces to simply be in a space of embodied awareness.  

The Chanda Lair

The Chanda Lair

The Chanda Lair (NYC) will provide a launching pad for exploration of the self and expansion of the soul.

Gold Star

Gold Star

Buck up, Kiddo! The folks at Camp Gold Star (DC) know that somewhere deep inside that sparkle pony facade is a very special snowflake, and we’ve got your daily dose of over-enthusiastic personal adulation, participation certificates, trophies, hugs, and all the snark you can handle. After dark, enjoy drinks under our gold star-shaped tent, warm up with some vegan mushroom broth, and subject yourself to over-enthusiastic personal adulation, participation certificates, trophies, and hugs, you entitled little shit.



The JunXion (NYC) is a meeting place, a crossroads. 1. The act or process of joining or the condition of being joined. 2. A place where two things join or meet, especially a place where two roads or railway routes come together and one terminates. From this concept some of best taste makers, djays, musicians, artists, and collectives have come together to form the JunXion. Anchored by mobile art cars and buses the JunXion is a mobile unit forming like Voltron. From our converted blue bird buses, to our mobile bar, to food trucks, vendors tribal market, art installation the JunXion is a roaming venue coming to a festival, parking lot, venue, park and a theater near you.

Obsidian Beauty Bar

Obsidian Beauty Bar

Obsidian Beauty Bar (NYC) is a balance wellness camp. We are rooted in the values expressed by the 11 Principles of Burning Man. The camp is manifested through art, participation, civic duties & communal effort, immersive experiences, and individual acts of self-expression. We promote and contribute cross-cultural grounding and sustainability. We offer a relaxing safe space to the community in addition to the variety of beauty influences to be experienced, such as hair braiding/styling and accessorizing; nail care manicure, pedicure, and paint and nail art; face makeup and face paint designs; and air-brushing techniques. We also offer the service of yoga in the morning along with affirmations and therapeutic body massage, including shoulders, full body massage, and feet massage. The use of essential oils will be an option.

Pie Pedals


PiePedals (or Pedal Pies, or “that pizza camp” but *not* the “pizza delivery” camp) is a collective of kindred spirits who enjoy food, laughter, music, art, yoga, acro-yoga, and chilling. Primarily hailing from DC, we’ve been burning since 2012, and our mission is to serve delicious wood-fired pizza. Our oven setup is portable, and usually on wheels at the Big Burn, but remains stationary at regional events. We also like holding space for silly amazing things to happen, by providing a monkeyhut chill space, not-too-loud speakers, fun lighting, tiki torches, and some art.


Wild & Divine

Wild & Divine

There is a very wild divinity that comes with the process of rebirth. We encourage Nomads to let go of what they thought was the limit to possibility and expand beyond what their imagination has allowed. Wild & Divine (East Coast) is the home for Cirqusoria at Nomadico – expect extraordinary circus performances, an aerial rig for workshops, and a space for people to feel lifted while experiencing ethereal performances and interactions.


Special Performance: Ardiente

Ardiente is composed of 12 talented and multifaceted specialty performers from the DMV who have come together to create an exciting and unique visual experience for the people of Nomadico. Catch them dancing in a thrilling spectacle of light and shadow on both Friday & Saturday night- they are sure to bring on the heat!

Mesopotamian Vibes

We invite you to Meso Creso’s signature daytime program – breathe in the mesopotamian vibes under our bayt. Come join us for sweet treats, homemade baklava, fresh and dried fruit; and savor our Turkish coffee and sage tea. Sit back, smoke some hookah, and bring your creative skills, poetry and stories, and any musical talents you’d like to share. Let us host you under the afternoon sunshine at Mesopotamian Vibes with nourishment for your ears, heart, stomach, and soul.

Nomadico Ceremony

At sunset on Saturday, make your way toward the music. Heed the call to connect with the whole Nomadico community as we ignite the evening together. Then return at dawn for a joyful, cathartic journey into the light.

Renegade Pride Parade

It’s summertime, which means one thing: queer celebration! Don that rainbow dress, strap on that leather, douse yourself in (biodegradable) glitter, and join us for the Pride Parade of a lifetime. We will meet at Maydan and parade through the festival. Bring noisemakers, extra rainbow and glitter gear to share, whatever makes you feel the most fabulous!

Special Performance: Cirqusoria Showcase

East Coast based, Cirqusoria empowers artists to thrive through collaboration and attention to detail and has created and performed dynamic choreographed showcases since the summer of 2013. The newest showcase is being debuted at this year’s Nomadico under the name “Wild & Divine.” Cirqusoria is filled with a potent variety of artists of all different shapes, backgrounds, and beliefs. Get ready for aerial modern dance, gogo, dancers, acrobatics, stilt-walkers, avant-garde performance rovers, bubble manipulators, and more! Cirqusoria is woman-ran and created by performing artist & visual designer Serena Davis.


Sanctuary Volunteer Training with Emma Kaywin and Mikayla Hellwich
All Sanctuary volunteers must attend this mandatory one-hour training. The Nomadico Sanctuary is a place where our Nomads can go when things have just gotten too weird or intense. Sanctuary volunteers offer judgment-free support for non-medical crises.

Safe Spaces Training – OPEN TO ALL – with Emma Kaywin
Partying is super fun! But what about those moments when things get a little weird, and you want to intervene but don’t know how? This training will give you some basic tools to de-escalate three types of behaviors that often occur in party situations: sexual harassment, intoxication, and violence. Come learn how to make the party safer for yourself and others!

Goddess Shabbos by The Gene-Sis with Rishe Groner
Let’s step into the present moment and attune our bodies to the pace of festival living with an ancient twist on modern traditions. Welcome to Shabbat, where we’ll meditate to let go of the week, chant our favorite songs including Hebrew favorites and easy wordless melodies, dance out the week’s bullshit, and embody the Divine Feminine who descends into our beings on this sacred day.

Anahata Partner Yoga with Paris Bustillos
Anahata Partner Yoga uses interlocking postures that are balanced with the aid of another person. No partner necessary. Come stretch your assanas and mix it up at the same time.

Kundalini Yoga: Opening Our Hearts with Brian Carr
Come join us for an hour of Kundalini Yoga, where we’ll practice both yoga and meditation to open up our heart centers, connecting us to our true selves, and the love that flows all around us. Beginners welcome!

AcroYoga : Flow through Flight with Elise Foster
AcroYoga elevates the connection between you and others through movement, connection, and play. It combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. We’ll explore the world of AcroYoga through the roles of base, flyer and spotter and build a dynamic flow, balanced in the air. Beginners welcome! No experience necessary.

Cresopotamian Cinnamon Roll Hug with Sasha Tyukavina
Join your fellow Nomads for a Huge Cinnamon Roll Hug! Bring your lovely selves and your best intentions! Let’s try to gather as many people as possible, and feel connection to each other and to the Universe through a powerful Om concluding the hug. If this sounds too new agey for you, just come to hug your friends.

Collard Greens & Shit Like That with Ted Land
Nourish your body and your soul with fresh, healthy vegan southern food. Choose between Collard Greens, Shit Like That, or feel free to enjoy both!

Basic Life Support + AED Training with Nick Scoulios

Team Puzzle-painting Workshop with Jon Croteau
Come paint a facilitated team puzzle. We’ll be painting in teams of four to design and paint a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle, based on simple creative prompts to activate our creative muscles.

Cyanotype: Make photographic blueprints with Lindsay
Create your own photographic blueprint! In this workshop you will create two cyanotype prints using found foliage, flowers, and digital transparencies. The 1 hour workshop will include a demo of the process and 2 pre-coated paper prints per artist for exposure.

Ancestral Lineage Healing with Taya Shere
If we go back far enough, each lineage holds loving and wise ancestors that can be a source of blessing, guidance, connection and healing. Engaging these connections can be a simple and potent process toward greater personal well-being, as well as familial, communal and cultural repair. In this workshop, we’ll explore the Ancestral Medicine model of Ancestral Lineage Healing, which encourages relating safely and directly with ancestors of blood & lineage, cultivating connection with helpful guides and creating boundaries and support for troubled dead in need of assistance. All are welcome!

Human Fucking Thriving with Yonah
We become what we focus on, so it’s of utmost importance that we choose our focus wisely. Very often we unconsciously get swept away listening to and engaging in topics and conversations that make us feel rotten, and unconsciously we continue, increasing our negative experience and creating more of what we don’t want in our reality. In this class, you will be guided through interactive exercises that are created to strengthen your ability to consciously choose your own experience by virtue of chosen thoughts, written and spoken words. You’ll have the opportunity to go to the source of what you seek, increasing positive emotion independent of outcomes. From here the magic happens.

Peaceful Warrior Yoga with Debmalya Nandy
An All Levels Yoga class devoted to tap into and awaken the peaceful warriors within ourselves as we flow through the Yoga postures.

Basics of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Awareness with Juliana Vadala
Join a local Baltimore sign language interpreter to learn more about how to communicate with the American Deaf community. Learn the sign language alphabet, alternative communication methods, a brief history of the Deaf community in America, and how to interpret a song in American Sign Language.

Intro to Breakdancing with Sam Stevens
I’ll teach you the absolute basics to breakdancing so you can drop it into your current dance repertoire or launch a longer journey into the art form. You’ll learn the up-rock, 6-step floor work and pose.

Hridaya: Tantric Teachings of the Heart with Lakshmi Kanter
Tantric traditions help us the wisdom of our own inner teacher and insight by attuning to the heart center, or the Spiritual Heart. We will delve into secret heart-centered practices that help work skillfully with sweetness as well as pain, love as well as hatred, hope as well as despair, ease as well as challenge. Breath work, guided visualization, deep listening, authentic speaking, and yogic philosophy will be our guides as we touch into our own intuition, nurturance, spaciousness, and aliveness. Everybody welcome.

Wetter is Better: What David Attenborough won’t tell you about ocean animal sex with Allison Guy
Seafaring gonads! Octopus romance! 3D-printed whale snatch! With games, water guns and special treats, learn how sex in the sea can inspire fresh depths of depravity in your bedroom. Updated for 2018 with new research you dolphinately won’t want to miss.

Harm Reduction in Party Spaces with Nick Scoulios and Mikayla Hellwich
This seminar and workshop will cover harm reduction practices, including how to minimize health and safety risks that routinely occur in festival spaces.

Juggling! Drop Less! Be a Success! With Mikey
Learn the art of juggling. Attendees can be complete beginners who want to learn the learning process, or any skill level of Juggler who wants to know more. Mantras and meditations available and optional.

Die into Ecstasy with Nicole Heidbreder
We offer a journey to experience the Dissolution of your body followed by the ecstasy to re-inhabit it.

The Business of Unfucking the Planet with Matt Grason
Our disconnection from nature is the root of so many of our personal and societal ills. Regenerative economy is our chance to reconnect society with the natural world. In the process we can heal our bodies, minds, and hearts, create resilient communities, reverse climate change… And make a living. Learn how you can support and even create the new regenerative economy in small ways — or make it your life’s work.

Learn to Fly with Traci T
Curious what aerial is all about? Come see for yourself! Learn 5 basic moves in the hammock!

Yoga with Andromeda Han
Wear as much or as little as you are comfortable. We will begin with a short grounding exercise to tune into our bodies before moving into a gentle vinyasa sequence. All shapes, sizes, identities, abilities welcome.

Breaking Beyond with Samantha Vaughn
In Breaking Beyond, we re-examine “addiction” as a concept, identity, and experience through group discussion, yoga, and meditation, encouraging healing and inclusive social bonding. We believe EVERYONE is an addict needing healing. We are all addicted to things, thoughts, behaviors, people, etc. that prevent us from being the truest versions of ourselves. This workshop facilitates discussion about addiction, raises awareness of this epidemic, expands understanding of it, and provides practices to break out of addictive patterns.

Tao Yoga with Rob Coltun
Tao Yoga/Energy Purification comes from the ancient Korean Sun Tao tradition. It uses ancient mind/body techniques to bring our awareness out of our daily thinking/calculating minds to our physical and energy bodies. When connected to our energy body, we can then connect to our spiritual body and experience True Self.

The Microbiome: Powerful Healing of the Gut with Laura Rubin
Your gut has over 1,100 bacterial species. That’s more genetic variation than the human genome! Learn about growing research of the microbiome, ways to make your belly happy, and its strong connection with your brain. Nurture yourself after a night of partying!

Bring yo trashy self to the Let’s Talk Trash Happy Hour hosted by the Nomadico Sustainability Team! BYO-Cup and meet other trashy people for a casual group trash talk on going green, sustainability knowledge, and how our festival and art intersects with concerns about our trashy lives. Handmade ceramic art mug to be awarded to the trash talker with the best cup!

This is what Democracy “Feels” Like with Merrit Wuchina
Making a “we-space”: A safe container of co-active listening & shared decision making

Lady DJ Clinic with BEATrix, Illexxandra, MAMBISA, Teknacolor Ninja, and Vermillion Bird
A fun and supportive space run by lady DJs where women and non-binary/GNC folks can come check out dj equipment and different DJ and production software, try stuff out, ask questions, and generally nerd out on DJing in a chill atmosphere!

Exploring our identity through the Koshas with Katie Randall
According to Vedantic philosophy, the Koshas are the 5 layers, or sheaths that cover the Self. These layers offer us a way to explore how we identify who we are and how we walk in the world. This workshop will offer participants insight into these layers as a way to consciously perceive how we identify ourselves and others in our lives at any given time. If we take in the inner standing that perception is infinite, we begin to play more readily with who we are, creating a light hearted way to choose our identities as we evolve. Participants will also partake in a game to “put on” different identities in relation to one another.

Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop by Neda Dowlatshahi
This workshop will serve as an introduction to yoga and Ayurveda, both in their conceptual and practical applications. No experience necessary, just an open mind and comfortable attire.

Reiki with Traci T
Experience the power of Reiki energy healing!

Capoeira: The Dance of Freedom with Capoeira Cultural Center
Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines self-defense, music, dance, and acrobatics into a unified manifestation that celebrates inclusion, self-expression and the joy of being alive.

Napping 101: The Art of the Disco Nap with Claire Novak
Are you covered in glitter and exhausted? Want to dance the night away but need a bit of shut eye? Bring your pillow, a blanket, a platonic cuddle buddy and come learn the art of festival napping!

Women Uncorked with Rebecca Hassell
A female-only, moderated sex discussion group. A safe space to ask questions, compare experiences, realize we’re all normal, celebrate ourselves, and laugh a lot.

How to Cut Fruit with Ted Land
Learn how to cut and present the perfect pineapple, mango, watermelon, strawberry, and grapefruit. Explore eloquent serving options. Dive into the unique history and health benefits of each fruit. Discuss the common pitfalls and dangers of poor cutting techniques. Samples provided (with dipping chocolate for the strawberries!).

Connect with your Power Animal: Intro to Shamanic Practice for Growth and Self Healing with Jeremy Friedman
Meet the internal guides that are your inheritance from your ancestors: utilize ritual practice to access a safe, substance-free altered state of consciousness, cultivating intimacy and dialogue with your internal Mirror to help you solve problems, answer questions, and heal past wounds!

Dream Bigger, Act Faster with Ryan Ong
Scared of your dreams? Don’t know how to move forward? Let’s take a good hard look what we want to do, not who we want to be, and learn how to take real action towards those goals.

Ecstatic Erotic Massage with Benjamin Lewis
High energy beats, massage, up-regulating breathwork, Taoist big draws, awakening energy and intense mind altering sober psychedelic experience. *Partner based massage, bring a partner or be comfortable being paired with opposite or same gender partner.*

From Roots to Cosmos: Sound Bath with Heather Luna and Katie Randall
Join as we ground in, relax, and integrate our Nomadico experience with a shamanic drumming journey and crystal bowl sound bath led by Heather and Katie. We will journey into and connect with our roots as we expand out into our cosmic connection. Come ready to relax and restore with opportunity to share reflections and intentions.

Wildcrafted Smudge Making Workshop + Ceremony with Ruth Kiehlmeier

Earth-Centered Circle Yoga with Rebecca Winter
Join me for an open level hatha yoga class at dusk! During the contemplative twilight hour, we’ll form a circle and move together through a slow-paced, meditative hatha sequence to show our collective gratitude to mother earth. We’ll open with an earth blessing and some breath-work, and then move through sun salutations and longer held poses to reconnect with the sacred ground beneath our feet, the ancient trees surrounding us, and the open sky above.