We’re all searching for community in one way or another.

Maybe you miss feeling grounded yet still want to dance the night away. Perhaps you miss the language of your childhood. Or you may crave being around people who have vastly different life experiences from you. Heck, maybe you are just looking for some folks to help you set up your tent and share a laugh.

Whatever aspect of community you’ve been looking for, we think you’ll find it at Nomadico. See, whether you realize it or not, you’re already a part of the Nomadico familia. Welcome, darlings, to the shenanigans. This is a family of friends both new and old, from around the corner and across the globe. For some, Nomadico is the moment when you find the chosen family you’re looking for, for others, it’s the family reunion you wished you’ve been longing for. Whatever reason draws you into our colorful tapestry, we cannot wait to create this experience with you!

As in any family, the way we move forward is by moving together. Nomadico is a big undertaking and to make this all work, we need you to join in! Are you a seasoned nomad? New to the crew and hoping to make community connections? Finding yourself in an inexplicable need to help make Nomadico flourish? Then pull your vardo up to the participation station and let us know what you love to do and how we can help you thrive in Nomadico!

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