Join our caravan of curious travelers as we cross into a shared dream world, where we will weave together ancient folktales with modern myths, lucid dreams with mystic themes, individual inspiration with collective creation. Nomadico 2018: the second act of an epic journey.

For three wild and wondrous days, Meso Creso invites you to exchange stories, express creative visions, explore rich cultural traditions, and experience deep connection. Nomadico is the unlikely fairy tale we all create and animate, bringing together wayfarers and visionaries, artists and alchemists, dancers and dreamers.

Expect the global beats Meso Creso is known for, and so much more: immersive experiences and participatory art; vibrant cultural exchange and exploratory workshops; all-night dancing and live performances; yoga and healing activities; nature walks and camping under the stars; diverse theme camps; close-knit community and collaboration; and creativity without boundaries.

Nomadico is a labor of love run by a team of scrappy volunteers who are spending countless hours working to turn our collective dreams into reality.

Are you ready to cross into Nomadico?

Cross-Cultural Grounding

The heart of Nomadico lies in the representation, celebration, connection, and anchoring of the diverse cultural traditions that many of us come from. Meso Creso, the collective behind Nomadico, was named for Mesopotamia’s Fertile Crescent, often considered the cradle of civilization. Since its founding by friends from diverse cultural backgrounds, Meso Creso has strived for cultural exchange and upliftment in everything we do: from global musical curation and traditionally inspired decor, to the art of hosting and the alchemy of food. As residents of Nomadico, we all weave our cultural tapestries into a unique and modern tradition.

Community & Participation

We value connection, collaboration, and co-creation. As a volunteer-run, intimate DIY festival, Nomadico prioritizes community and encourages all attendees to actively participate. Everyone is invited and encouraged to help build our storybook realm – all while forging deep friendships, learning new skills, and enjoying a richer experience.

Global Music

The soundtrack and musical identity of Nomadico embraces and uplifts the spirit of global music, with both electronic and live acts. The musical identity of Meso Creso has always reflected the Meso Creso community at large: a culturally diverse, family of individuals from around the world.

Immersive Experiences

We believe in pushing the boundaries of creative expression. As with all Meso Creso events, we seek to awaken and engage participants through multisensory, interactive experiences across Nomadico’s programming, art, and traditions. Whether enjoying the soundscape of global beats, the taste of tea and homemade treats, the sights of individual artistic flair, the smells of fragrances in the air, or the touch of earth and warmth during your sun salute – all of your senses will be tantalized.


We aspire to make conscious decisions about the impact Nomadico has on the environment, and reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. Help our caravan tread lightly on the earth by borrowing gear instead of buying, using reusable dishes and utensils instead of one-time-use disposables, minimizing the amount of disposable packaging you bring into the festival, carpooling, composting food waste, recycling and packing out your landfill waste. We support the Leave No Trace ethic, and strive to create a space where sustainable choices are supported by festival infrastructure and community culture.

Safe Spaces

Nomadico seeks to be a safe space for all sexualities and genders. We love consent-based activities, believe that altered states are no excuse for bad behavior, and have a zero tolerance policy for those who think or act otherwise. Because of this, we are proud to have Safe Space volunteers at all of our events. These individuals are trained in bystander intervention best practices and are there to provide the community with support.


Nomadico is a project of Meso Creso, a nonprofit Washington DC-based, cross-cultural arts collective that cultivates creativity without boundaries. Whether putting on our own dance parties or participating in others’, Meso Creso is known for its roving hookah and pillow lounge, highly crafted art installations, joyful whistles and hand claps, and a DJ lineup that represents the rich cultural mix of its community.