By Lauren Stansbury, Nomadico Sustainability Co-lead

We aspire to make conscious decisions about the impact Nomadico has on the environment, and reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. Help our caravan tread lightly on the earth by following these tips.

Lauren enjoying music and nature

Nomadico seeks to reduce the impact we have on the environment as much as possible. One key way you can support our efforts to be more sustainable, is by minimizing the waste you generate on site. Read on for tips and important info about recycling, landfill collection, and how you can help us divert as much waste as possible from the trash stream at Nomadico!

BRING YOUR OWN (Packing List)

  • Water bottle
  • Bowl/plate
  • Cup
  • Eating Utensils – food, fork, knife
  • Trash/waste collection bags
  • Compost container
  • Leftover food storage container / tupperware

LEAVE AT HOME (Anti-Packing List)

  • Glass containers of any kind – glass is absolutely not allowed at Nomadico
  • Plastic cups – plastic disposable one-time-use cups are absolutely not allowed at Nomadico
  • Plastic disposable water bottles
  • Food & beverage packaging/wrappers

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose – How much waste can you not bring to Nomadico? Start by reducing the trash before you get to the Cove. Remove food and beverage packaging ahead of time and bring your food in tupperware bins and reusable bottles. Repurpose that plastic gallon of orange juice to bring water back to your campsite. It is possible to attend a music festival without generating any landfill volume, it just takes some thinking ahead and creativity!

Recycle – All recycling collection at Nomadico is done by volunteers. Nomadico does not have a professional recycling service. So, be courteous to your fellow festival participants by recycling correctly. ONLY plastic and metal recycling services will be available. Place your recyclables in the appropriate collection bin – and better yet, see if you can not contribute any plastic to the recycling collection at all!

NO Glass – Nomadico this year has a strict no glass policy. There will be no glass collection at Nomadico – we have no way to dispose of  it! This includes glass bottles for beer and wine, kombucha, condiments, food jars, etc. Please transfer beverages from glass bottles into plastic or metal containers before arriving.

Pack It In, Pack It Out – Our guess is this isn’t your first time camping, so honor the same pack it in / pack it out principles that you would do at any other campsite. If you bring it, plan to take it back home! That applies to everything including items that you consider to be ‘disposable.’

Minimize Food Waste – Generating unnecessary food waste is among the most environmentally unsustainable actions anyone can engage in at Nomadico. Because we will not have composting services, all food waste contributes to our overall landfill volume. Furthermore, it attracts rodents and insects to the festival, and makes volunteers’ work particularly unpleasant. You can minimize food waste by cutting and cleaning your veggies in advance, collecting your own compost in a large tupperware container for composting at home, taking home uneaten food at the end of the festival, sharing with others, and saving opened but uneaten food for later! Bring a cooler to keep your food fresh.

Butts and Stuff – Cigarette butts, hookah tips, gum, condoms, and other small landfill fodder should be collected in a small personal/camp trash bag, before being transferred to the “landfill” collection bin.

Dishwashing – Nomadico will have a dishwashing station located by the water truck with biodegradable soap, to help facilitate your use of your own cups, utensils, and plates!

MOOP Mindfulness – Lots of little trashy bits get generated at festivals and become MOOP, or “matter out of place.” Think about what potential MOOP trail you (your camp or your outfit!) might leave behind, and drop that from your packing list this year. Things like feathers, balloons, stickers, and tea candles are best left at home.

Lauren Stansbury is the sustainability lead for Nomadico. She likes to spend her time saving the planet by biking, cooking vegan, and hiking.

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